Eyðublað L-003 E, Útg.8
If a certain person is suspected of an offence, do not use this form. :

If a specific person is suspected of the offense, a formal statement must be made with a detective.



  2. With country code
Crime / Incident details (timeframe and location) :
  1. If time of incident is unknown, please use only first two boxes ("From" and "To" )

  2. Adress: street/house no./town/city or "unknown"

  3. Description of all property, lost or stolen (please provide as much detail as possible e.g. make, model, serial number, bank card type, value etc.):

  4. Additional information if any (e.g. description of the events, of any suspects e.t.c.)

Please note that the witness giving this statement must come to a police station and confirm the statement after the form has been submitted. If the notifier does not confirm the statement within three days, the statement will be deleted. Any information regarding the matter can be sent to: kaerumottaka@lrh.is - e.g. pictures of stolen items.



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